Basic Interview and Training Format( For Females)

For Interview Preparation

Step.1  Dressing Style for female:

1: Wear Chudidaar, Leggings in the bottom and full sleeves/ quarter sleeves Kurta with very small or round shaped Neck design.Wear Cotton Saree Only.

2: If wearing a saree, then drap it properly with covered stomach area and plates to be pinned, wear small neck Blouse.

3: If wearing shirt & Trouser.Please wear formal Shirt & Trouser, Wearing Blazer would be Appreciated.

4: Hairs should be properly Clipped.

5: Carry one File Folder along with Resume and all Documents.

6: Wear Wrist Watch.

Carry Ball Point Pen.


1: Do not wear Jeans, T shirt, heavy and big flower and animal printed Saree/kurta, Chudidar, Trouser & Legging.

2: Do not wear full Bangles, Heavy Earrings and Payal.

3: Do not wear sun glasses and Goggles.

4: Always switch your phone off during Interview.

5: Do not carry any kind of Bag, Carry Bag.If Carrying, please keep that out.

6: Do not Chew/Eat anything during the Interview.

After Entering the Interview Room
Step.2   Please ask to Come In.
Step.3   Greetings to the Interviewer(e.g. Days Grretings, Noon Greetings, Evening Greetings).
Step.4   When the Interviewer ask you to sit, then only the Candidate have to sit.
FAQ's   Frequently asked Questions
Que.No.1   Tell me about yourself?
Ans.   Sir myself Ms. Kavita Tandon, I had completed my Graduation in the Branch of Biotechnology in the year 2020 ,from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University.Also having Computer & Analytical Skills.About my family, We are four members in the family. My Father is a Teacher by Profession and my mother is a Housewife.My Elder brother/sister is persuing degree/ in a private sector Job.
Que.No.2   What is your Strength?
Ans.   My greatest Strength is my Flexible behaviour to accept any kind of Changes and the abilility to build Supportive Team for Task completion.
Que.No.3   What is your weakness?
Ans.   As far as weaknesses, I feel that┬ámy┬ámanagement skills could be stronger, and I am constantly working to improve them.
Que.No.4   Why should we hire you?
Ans.   I will not only complete the given work on Time but also I will make the company achieve great results.
Que.No.5   Why do you want this Job?
Ans.   By getting this Job, I will be able to show my working Skills and Knowledge.
Que.No.6   Are you able manage your Family & Children by doing this Job?
Ans.  Yes I will be able to manage by Family Life.
Que.No.7   What Is your Salary Expectation?
Ans.   Negotiable.
Que.No.8   Are you flexible with our Job Timings?
Ans.   Yes.
Que.No.9   Can you Join Immediately?
Step.5  Please give gratitude to the Interviewer?
Thank you so much Sir.