Employees form terms and conditions
  •  The registration fees will be charged rs.1000 along with 18% gst.
  •  Candidates is liable to pay 8.33% of his/her anual salary along with 18% gst in two easy installment. Failing to do so will lead to legal action against.
  •  It is mandatory for candidate to provide two post-dated-cheque (pdc).
  •  It will be mandatory for continuous three month in the recruited organization.
  •  It is mandatory for candidate to attend the interview conducted by our client firm.failing to do so will lead to termination of our services for you.
  •  The candidates can't leave the job without completing organization.
  •  During the application of the second job, only half month's salary will be charge .

Recruiter form terms and conditions
  •  We charge a month's salary in form of services charges is easy dual installment from the employee.
  •  It is mandatory to notify us upon releasing the first month's salary of the emploee.
  •  We will be obliged if the company, can pay in behalf of the candidates.